Why Offer Your Dog a Homemade Diet?

50 years ago, most households around the world were preparing their dog’s meals at home without unnatural preservatives, fillers, artificial colors and flavors. Meals contained high quality proteins of poultry, beef and fish, with garden fresh fruits and vegetables. Only whole grains were included such as brown rice, rye and pearled barley.

With Pawsitively Catered meals, you will know exactly what you’re feeding your dog – no mystery ingredients, cheap fillers for bulk, or by-products commonly found in commercial dog food.

Our ingredients are 100% human consumable, Pacific Northwest grown and FRESH! Our canine nutritionist customizes your dog’s diet based on breed, weight, age and other factors – we prefer to work with your veterinarian as a partner, which leads to a more holistic approach to your dog’s health.

Getting Started

Please fill out our Request For Information form which provides us with enough information to determine if your dog fits the standard healthy breed profile. We can provide you with our standard breed-specific meals if there are no medical or weight issues. If we determine a customized diet is needed, we will contact you to set up a consultation to discuss the options for moving forward

We also prepare healthy homemade treats: Click Here for more information